Design Strategy Document Search Conference Held in Istanbul

News 03 June 2016

“Design Strategy Document Search Conference” was held in Istanbul to form the main framework of Design Strategy Document that brought the sectoral representatives together.

Prof Habip Asan, President of Turkish Patent Institute, has stated that it is one of the most significant works they did to establish the Turkish Design Advisory Council in 2009 also reminding that they did it with the decision of Council of Ministers during his speech at the opening ceremony.

Noting that TPI (Turkish Patent Institute) is a registration institution, Prof. ASAN also stated that, "We are registering patents, trademarks and designs. We have seen the importance of the subject. Design issues are being actively discussed abroad and the countries are getting richer. We have also examined examples of countries abroad. We have established the Intellectual and Industrial Property Coordination Board. We established the Turkish Design Advisory Council with the decision of the Council of Ministers. There are senior-level representatives of public institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and design-related professional organizations wintin the Council. In essence, the question being asked is “how does our country benefit more from design, how do we get richer using design?”

Professor ASAN expressed that they held the 13th meeting up until December 2015 and added:

"One of the decisions we made in the last meeting was to create a new strategy document. The Advisory Council created the existing strategy document in 2010. We have always improved ourselves by learning from our mistakes in the past and today, I think we will do suchlike".

Expressing that sometimes actions that can not be implemented can also be put into the strategy documents, Prof ASAN stated: "With this conference, we eliminate the shortcomings and create a new strategy document with a better road map. The current strategy document continues until the end of 2016 and the actions to be taken will be required by the relevant institutions and organizations. Last year, we started to give the Design Honor Award in the end of a very quick decision. In Turkey, an awareness has been formed in the field of design to get rid of the shortcomings. Eventually, having started somewhere brought us somewhere. I hope a better strategy document will emerge with the aid of this conference. Besides, there are regulations related to the design in the new patent draft law."
The “Design Strategy Document Search Conference” consisted of working group meetings covering the different aspects of the design subject, during the dates of 3 - 4 June 2016.

- Design Strategy Document application process will finally be completed at the end of 2016.

In the framework of activities of Turkish Design Advisory Committee managed by Faruk Ozlu the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology , sectoral representatives have gathered together to form the main framework of Turkey’s new Design Strategy Document during the conference.
Representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations, design-related professional organizations, industrialists, academics and representatives from the different disciplines of design such as industrial product design, graphic design and fashion design participated at the conference moderated by the Sabanci University teaching member Prof Oguz Baburoglu.

The current application process of Design Strategy Document and Action Plan covering the years 2014-2016 will be completed at the end of 2016. The New Design Strategy Document to be prepared is expected to be submitted to the Supreme Planning Board and to be implemented as of 2017 following the approval of the board. At the last meeting of Turkish Design Advisory Council which is held twice a year, the decision was taken to start working on the determination of the new design strategy of Turkey.



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