Positioning and Marketing Strategies

We are preparing marketing strategies that influence our customers and shape the results. We follow an integrated approach to marketing practice that includes the insights of our clients’ clients. Although we apply frameworks and methodologies based on proven marketing practices, we produce innovative designs in line with the originality of each of our clients. In doing so, we develop positioning and marketing strategies that will move companies and brands to the future successfuly.

Brand Management

Our clients offer many new products and services to the market in order to appeal to more customers for changing needs. As Arama Consulting, we perform brand management approaches that will stand out in crowded markets. Especially for our clients who are on their way to become a worldwide brand, the development of a brand strategy that is compatible with global trends and based on corporate competencies becomes more and more important. In this context, we design brand vision, identity and strategies in line with customer insights. At the same time, we define brand communication plans that will enable our clients to reach the highest performance by defining the requirements of their brand architectures.

Marketing Strategy

We design our customers' marketing strategies based on the fact that the marketing concept is in direct relation to profitability. We are working on the right pricing as well as packaging the product or service offered with marketing strategies, defining the channel relationship and price. We define how the human factor, which is part of the marketing strategy, will turn into value. Thanks to the advanced methods we use to decipher customer insights, we ensure that marketing plans are effective and feasible.

Positioning and Marketing Strategies References
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