Academic Design from Zero Point – Özyeğin University

“During the establishment process of Özyeğin University with the strategic collaboration done with Arama Consulting, besides our University’s identity-forming features such as being an entrepreneur, raising people ready for business life and focusing on applied research, we have carried out our first design of sectoral solutions program.” 

Hüsnü Özyeğin
Özyeğin University
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Establishment of Özyeğin University started in fall 2005 by Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation. Besides the research consisting of organizations working in the business community, faculty, university and high school students involving more than 500 people, there has also been "Emerging Sectors and Professions in Turkey and in the World Survey" research held in addition. Based on the results of these researches, the fundamental values and vision of the university were discussed with all the stakeholders through the design studies carried out by Search Participatory Management Consulting. Özyeğin University's vision was created with more than 300 people in various workshops attended by business executives, faculty, university students and new graduates.

Özyeğin University was officially established on May 18, 2007 within the framework of the vision determined, with the aim of becoming a university that contributes to the original and social development with its modern education system, innovative structure intertwined with life, education approach intertwined with the sectors, and programs created accordingly.

The university, which had welcomed its first students at the Istanbul Altunizade Campus in September 2008 and has started education in Çekmeköy Campus by September 2011.

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