Inter Institutional Cooperation Formula

Cooperation between institutions is an area in great need at different levels. The most important thing in here is the design of common interest formula in cooperation. As Arama Consulting, we apply our numerous collaboration project experiences to new collaboration efforts. These collaborations can be applied with the use of different structures for different purposes. By applying our participatory methods, we design common reason-win-win formulas and turn them into implementation plans.

Sectoral Cooperation

We also work in sectors to increase pre-competitive collaborations and improve the industry's ability to self-regulate. In this process, we apply the methods of Search Conference®, Decision Conference® and Dialogue Conference® whose patents are owned by Arama Consulting. After determining the goals and strategies of the sector with the Search Conference, we determine the priority targets and projects of the sector in the Decision Conference®. In line with these priorities, we establish sectoral working groups and carry out detailed feasibility studies of the projects. At the Dialogue Conference®, we share these studies with the entire industry and turn them into a cooperation protocol. Thus, we develop a common interest formula of the sector with the process from vision to action.

Supplier and Dealer Development

We create strategies to improve supplier and/or dealer performances in collaboration efforts. After the studies where the relations of the Supplier/Dealer and the parent company are analyzed, we design the future of this relationship and cooperation. At the end of these processes, where mutual expectations are evaluated with a common ground and turned into a plan, we ensure that the road map of cooperation is created.

Inter Institutional Cooperation Formula References
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