Strategic Planning – Anadolu University

As a result of Search Conferences with Arama Consulting for Anadolu University, we have achieved the following achievements:

  1. 1.  As Anadolu University with 50 years of experience, we have questioned ourselves for the first time under the light of changing world conditions such as communication and competition. At the Search Conference we participated, we took out a vision, mission and strategy that overlaps with our own talents and abilities, taking into account the world trends. The vision of both the lifelong learning center and the world university has emerged in the end of the conference. This is the summary of Anadolu University's 50 years of experience in 2 words: Lifelong education.
  2. 2.  A learning and student center has emerged. Our comparative advantages have emerged, both nationally and internationally, open and distance education, aviation, rail systems and special education (including all special education, gifted education).
  3. 3.  Our vision is merged with our vision of "World University". As a result of the first Search Conference we held, we have observed the need to conduct a Search Conference within our other faculties as well. In total, we held a Search Conference in 5 different faculties. As a result, we overlapped the university’s vision with the vision of the faculty and brought a holistic approach. We also have set performance goals.
  4. 4.  We compiled the results of all conferences into the financial budget and combined the financial budget with the strategic plan. We have established a link between the source and the vision. We ensured that the vision did not remain on paper. As of January 1, 2011, we have started not to use resources in our vision for any business whose main objectives and sub-targets are not determined in the strategic plan. We use our resources in accordance with the Public Administration and Control Law No. 5018. Eventually, Search Conferences enabled us to use our resources effectively and efficiently.
  5. 5.  Two of the four prioritized areas, the Aviation and Rail System areas identified at the conferences have turned into the Center of Excellence. It was put in investment programs. We became Turkey's first rail center. We focused on the engine in aviation. As a result, we started getting significant the results.
  6. 6.  Our research capacity and our projects have increased both in volume and number. Research has also increased significantly. Our contribution to society has increased. 3 fundamental functions of universities; education, research and community contribution mission started to be fulfilled effectively and efficiently. All these studies are the result of our work that had started with Search Conferences.
  7. 7.  We support monitoring and evaluation with our software programs. Next year, we will have the opportunity to monitor the contribution of each faculty, each department, each school and each employee of the university. We are taking firm steps towards being a world university that is performance-oriented and is using its resources effectively.
  8. 8.  We ensured the university staff to participate in management, activities and decisions, we did this through Search Conferences. As a result, their participation, sense of belonging and loyalty have been increased tremendously.
  9. 9.  These studies have created an incredible synergy between units by enabling the units to unite for a certain common goal.

All these are held and performed under the leadership of Prof. Dr.  Baburoglu and Search Conferences with Arama Consulting; we would like to thank you thousands. We recommend these services to rectors, public institutions.


Prof. Dr. Davut Aydın
Rector of Anadolu University

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