By restructuring work, we perform developments and designs to enable our clients to carry out their strategies. We primarily work in the fields of communication, business organization and process development. We carry out a study that places the philosophy and order of “self-managing organization” in the fabric of the organization, which aims to increase significant participation in every process and unit. We aim to develop an efficient and agile working order instead of bureaucratic philosophy and order dominated by the classical management approach. Regarding this philosophy and order, we institutionalize the competence to develop and maintain mechanisms and systems based on horizontal coordination, decentralization and team play. We aim to place a flexible and participatory structure in the institution by adopting a new organization and management approach in which all employees actively participate in the organization, add value to the organization with their creativity and support participation. Thus, we ensure that our clients enhance a participatory, innovative, faster and flexible structure.

Organization and Process Design

We design the organizational structure and work processes based on the defined strategies. Corporate strategies can only reach their aim in the presence of an appropriate organization, efficiency and effectiveness of processes. By the aid of institutionalization, we ensure that the structures and processes that enable the execution of the works carried out in the institutions, regardless of the personal methods of the managers and company employees, are established.

Governance; is the internal control system that serves the procedures for the distribution of the responsibilities, mutual rights and awards that are held between the company and the company partners, and the reconciliation of the partners' duties and occasionally conflicting interests.

Family Constitution

It is not enough for family companies to adopt the corporate governance approach to ensure their sustainability. Family relationships should also adopt a corporate governance approach. By the family constitution prepared in line with this need, we design the entire  rules / policies that regulate the interaction between “the family's business” and “the business of the business”.

Agile Transformation and Teams

By the aid of agile transformation, we make our clients respond quickly to unusual opportunities, challenges and situations by acting fast, flexible and robust. We start our work by evaluating our client's readiness for agility. Then, we design the most agile functioning structure that is most suitable for our clients and we conduct trainings related to this. After the trainings are completed, we initiate agile practices and implement the continuous feedback-improvement cycle for its sustainability.We also support agile teams to be the ones that can make and implement decisions with the focus of generating more value with available resources effectively.

Human Resources

By carrying out our Human Resources projects, we design our customers' strategic human resources approach as a whole. We ensure that progressive and most appropriate designs are produced in the fields such as internal communication, employee satisfaction, performance management, education management, career planning and talent management. We determine the needs in line with the design thinking and implement the improvements in this direction by applying methods with deep participation of the employees in human resources designs.

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