Strategy and Future Design

Each institution has its own character and different needs. Strategies and targets that will take into account this unique character and needs can only sprout within the subject institutions. Strategy and Future Design projects that we carry out as Arama Consulting are participatory transformation studies that respond to this need. In this way, it is ensured that the different perspectives contribute to the formation of the strategy, and the creation of the necessary working groups for the implementation and follow-up of the planned strategies is guaranteed.

In our Strategy and Future Design projects, the process and sub-breakouts can be shaped according to the fields of the institution we work in and the different needs it brings, so that we can build mechanisms to accommodate originality and innovation.

Interpretation of common ground, flexibility, participation and collaboration are much needed to adapt to an environment where unexpected changes, uncertainties and undesirable results are expected.

By applying the strategy and future design process with participation, we provide our customers with the benefit in their future in two ways. First, we create common reasoning strategies based on the experience and knowledge of the institution, that is, the existing knowledge. Thanks to the current knowledge and common mobility of the institution, we develop customized and innovative strategies. Secondly, the involvement of the process facilitates the change process of the institution.

In the process of strategy and future design, we enable institutions to apply new visions that make a difference in terms of interpreatating common ground, differentiation, responding to rapidly changing conditions that are not easy to predict and passing the transition processes correctly.

Strategy Crafting and Strategic Plan

Strategy implementation is the process in which managerial strategies and policies regarding institutions are implemented. In order for the strategy to be applied directly or indirectly, both the institution and external factors must be compatible with all the facts. For this reason, we follow a holistic approach when analyzing and evaluating possible problems that may be encountered during the implementation phase of the strategies.

We ensure that the strategic view is translated into the planning language whilst crafting of the strategies. In the name of the strategic plan, we perform our customers' vision, mission, goals and strategies, KPIs, and planning techniques of resources in the strategic plan. In this context, we offer workshops such as Action Architecture Workshops and strategic roadmap.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a very useful methodology being widely used by Arama Consulting today, especially when destructive and radical changes have become a norm. Considering that change is an extremely difficult and risky process, we define how the future will be shaped through scenario planning methodology.

The scenarios offer us alternative predictions on how today's uncertainties will shape tomorrow. In this study, we first create these alternative future scenarios. Then, in case each scenario takes place in real life, we design action plans and strategies for what should be done to prepare for each of these scenarios separately. In this way, we are able to observe trends that will affect the future, identify possible key uncertainties, and make it easier for our clients to plan for future alternatives.

Corporate Strategy

The corporate strategy level includes issues that concern the entire organization, such as the overall growth of a holding company and the areas it wants to address. We ensure that vision-mission, goals and prioritization are correctly set up so that the corporate strategy can be accurately determined and disseminated to all holding companies. In this direction, we support the restructuring of the portfolio of our holding customers, business areas to focus on, locations, markets, and identification of new business development opportunities. An important area that we focus on as Arama Consulting is to design the synergy and interaction of the works in the portfolio.

Strategy Innovation and Business Model Design

Strategy innovation is our process of rediscovering or redesigning corporate strategy to promote business growth, create value for companies and clients, and create competitive advantage. By this kind of innovation, we support our clients by providing them with competitive advantages. As Arama Consulting, we support our customers to redesign their business models in line with the blue ocean strategy.   We rethink and design the income-expense formulation considering the client segments and personas, customer relations, channels, value proposition, key activities, resources and collaborations.


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